For many blessed with curly hair we are sure that you have said among other things Thank you humidity, I always wanted to be the lion king... said no one ever. Frizz is a fact of life for many, but that does not mean that you cannot adapt and be ready to help your hair through a literal rough patch or two. So, If you are tired of saying what is wrong with your hair, and want to do what is best for your hair, you have come to the right place. 

    First of all, keep those curls moisturized to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Weekly deep conditioning treatments can add life and bounce to parched curls and keep them from frizzing. When you apply your conditioner, work it in well, and then thoroughly massage it into the ends.

    It is asinitial not to skip the leave-in conditioner. Many women go straight from wash to styler without using a leave-in in between and this can lead to a slight halo of frizz as the day wears on. While a leave-in does not fully seal your hair, it will moisturize it and help that moisture stay put. To ensure you coat every strand of hair with product from root to tip, flip your head over and brush through your thoroughly detangled hair. When you are finished, flip your head back over and brush everything into place.

    All ways moisturize your hair when it needs it. You don’t have to wait until wash day to give your dry, frizzy hair the hydration that it needs. Spritz it with a mix of 75% water and 25% leave-in conditioner using a fine-mist sprayer. If your hair is frizzy at the end of a long day, sometimes your only option may be to thoroughly saturate it with water, apply a bit of leave-in and styler, and scrunch.