About Kipozi

KIPOZI combines science and beauty to achieve the perfect blend of modern thinking and timeless style. We are an Asian beauty brand and we are the gold standard of styling. KIPOZI focuses on the developing and manufacturing of professional salon-level hair tools and other beauty products. We are known as; the one-stop hair beauty products service shop that offers professional salon tools. KIPOZI stepped into the business of beauty in 2016, then our products took off on Amazon. KIPOZI makes affordable beauty products that are loved by millions of people across the world. KIPOZI was born out of a yearning to move beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all type of beauty care and succeeded in its mission. Today, the label continuously provides top quality beauty products.

At KIPOZI, we want you to flaunt your individuality and express yourself with passion, optimism, strength, and style. KIPOZI believes that feeling strong is one look that never goes out of style. At KIPOZI, we focus on enhancing natural beauty, as such we believe a person is most beautiful when they look and feel like themselves. KIPOZI aims to make every woman the most beautiful version of herself and promote fashion in modern beautifying. KIPOZI is a beauty brand that celebrates diversity and individuality. As such, KIPOZI seeks to expertly cater to beauty lovers of all ages, races and genders. Therefore, no matter who you are, you’ll be able to find beautiful products to suit you. No matter what your needs, you can be confident that the KIPOZI label will enhance your appearance like no other. 

KIPOZI is booming and, as a result, there are more choices for beauty than ever before. KIPOZI is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world the label has grown significantly and now offers a diverse and extensive assortment of beauty products. KIPOZI has a host of serums, straighteners, dryers, and potions being added to our product library all the time. Many of the fans of KIPOZI say "Wow, what are you guys doing to our hair"

All KIPOZI products have a high-end design and a fashionable appearance. Everything we make is innovative and luxurious because it is backed by passion and expertise. With KIPOZI quality, price, packaging, consistency across product lines and effectiveness all come into play, with an aim to provide professional, fashionable, and high performance products. The brand not only provides a comprehensive assortment of products, but also offers superior quality at an affordable price. So you can add a glamorous touch to your life without blowing your budget.

KIPOZI's products are addictively good. One try, and you’ll be hooked on the high-quality and luxurious beauty products from KIPOZI. With hair care products designed to inspire women to celebrate their authenticity, KIPOZI specializes in styling tools that can turn even the simplest look into a statement. Taking inspiration from the runway and translating it into real life, KIPOZI products are on-trend and easy-to-use. KIPOZI will never fail to provide innovative and high-quality hair care products that make people of all hair types smile. 

Anyone can be his or her own stylist with the help of KIPOZI. The label provides beauty lovers with professional-quality products as well as tips and guides on how to use them. Visit our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kipozibeauty to stay up to date. With KIPOZI, you will always get an empowering vibe, useful tips, tricks, and columns that makes us part of our shoppers’ daily routines and makes it easy for them to learn about KIPOZI and our products.  KIPOZI knows that many beauty shoppers are able to read product reviews, watch how-to videos wherever they want right from the palm of their hand and we strive to be there in those moments creating more bespoke content. We will be adding more short, mobile-friendly stories, for whenever shoppers pop open their smartphones to help build relationships in those moments and help you to get to know us and with your feedback we will get to know you. We will keep creating engaging content that will be at the perfect time for you to help you buy whenever you want, KIPOZI aims to be there for these moments throughout the day. In addition, our YouTube videos will show you the main value and effectiveness of our products quickly in around the first six seconds giving viewers just what they needed to know and if you want you can see the whole video. We want to be with you on the daily commute and any other time that is convenient for you with engaging content to help pass the time during these moments to help our mobile-first shoppers.