• You spend so much time moisturizing, sealing, deep conditioning and protecting all so that your hair can be healthy. So are rollers helping or hurting. Rollers do offer moisture retention and allows products to penetrate the hair shaft. 

Out of all the roller types satin covered sponge rollers are the kindest of all. Never the less, all rollers put the hair under tension, which may be damaging if that hair is rolled to tight or is already fragile. If rollers are wound too tightly, they may cause breakage from the root or along the hair shaft. If rollers are used on a regular basis, this could result in possible permanent hair loss if the follicles themselves become damaged or at the least traction alopecia. 

To avoid these problems, don't wrap the hair too tightly around the rollers and ensure you're not using them on a daily basis. Avoid sleeping with rollers on even if they are designed for wearing at night. Doing so increases the tension at the roots, making hair loss likely. It’s worth a mention that for highly textured natural hair, roller setting won’t be enough to achieve flat iron straight results, obviously, roller setting will not get your hair as straight as direct heat would.