Discover Your Hair Type Along With A Healthy Hair Remedy

Accurately determining your hair type is crucial in taking care of your hair, in much the same way as understanding your skin type is vital for curating an effective skin care regime. For many getting to the root of determining your hair type is too tangled for them to understand, given the fact of the matter is that hair types are much more complicated than the skin. The obvious categories of curly, thick, thin, or oily barely scratch the surface of what makes up hair types. Just like you, your hair is unique.

For many a lack of elasticity is a major issue in hair care. Hair elasticity is a healthy hair indicator and helps determine how well your hair can hold any styling. High elasticity hair is better able to retain shape such as curls, waves, or other hairstyles easily, whereas low elasticity hair may need more product to hold styles, or may not be able to hold shape for very long. With low elasticity hair, it is important to look for strengthening products and treatments to prevent breakage and reinforce your strands. To test the elasticity of your hair stretch out a strand of your hair. If the hair strand snaps immediately after trying to pull it between your fingers, your elasticity is low, whereas if you are able to stretch the strand, your hairs elasticity is high. 

To add to your hair's elasticity try garlic oil. Garlic has therapeutic effects on hair. Garlic contains high amounts of vitamin C, selenium, copper and manganese. However, the ‘smelly sulfur compounds’ are the spotlight nutrients in garlic. They give garlic its pungency, and they offer powerful healing benefits.

Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which has a high sulfur content. Therefore, when you apply sulfur packed garlic on your hair, it is like feeding hair the purest food. Sulfur gives hair strength, elasticity as well as increases the length of the hair cycle, which means your hair will continue growing for many more years. Garlic also is excellent to eliminate flakes and scalp dryness, and because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, garlic helps with psoriasis, dandruff and overall scalp health. The antioxidants in garlic protect hair from damaging free radicals and make hair grow thicker, healthier and shinier.

Those of you who like no waiting and quick returns, garlic hair oil is for you. It gets ready in minutes, and you get the result in days. To make garlic oil, you need garlic for sure and coconut oil. Coconut oil itself is very nourishing for hair. Nevertheless, feel free to try mustard or sesame oil. Garlic oil is simple to make. First, cut the garlic in 2-3 pieces. Next place the chopped garlic and coconut oil in a small pan. In addition, heat on a low flame. In a couple of minutes, garlic will start to sizzle and give out a nice garlicky aroma. Use a spoon to swirl the garlic around in the oil. Continue heating until the garlic turns light brown, then switch off the flame. It will take about 5 minutes. Let the oil cool down, strain and apply. Massage the garlic oil into your scalp and hair and let it soak and work its magic for an hour, then wash. Store the remaining oil in a glass jar and keep it in a cool, dry place.

You will need
4 medium size cloves of garlic.
50 grams or 1/4 cup of coconut oil

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