Do Women Really Get Charge More For Haircuts Then Men?

Many woman have often complained about how it is an outrage that women pay more than men for haircuts. So do women feel that their haircuts cost more than men? “Feel”? No they do not “feel” that there haircuts cost more than a man's does? No, they don't “feel” that. They know that. They are capable of doing simple math.

Being a woman with hair, who sometimes needs it cut, can be incredibly expensive. Hair care is no joke and it is ridiculous that even for a basic haircut, girls have to pay around 50% more than guys. It is a marketplace. The cost will be what someone is prepared to pay. Some women pay as much as $400 to $500 to cut and colored their hair.  Hairdressers insist women get cuts every 6–8 weeks to maintain a style. Some women follow that religiously. Wow, many women are spending a ton of money on haircuts. That is more money than most spend on other services many consider integral to life (i.e. Internet, electricity, amazon prime).

If women don’t want to pay more, they shouldn’t pay more. A cheaper option would be a minimum of 40 dollars at a hairdressing school for just a shampoo and cut. At a midrange salon, it would be a minimum of 70 dollars and color treatments can cost $200 or more. Some women, who ignore the “marketplace”, may pay $35 to get their haircut twice a year and do trims, and color in between at home, where a box of color costs $12 to $30. There are many women like that who also refuse to pay “market rate”. On the other hand, almost all men have haircuts that ranged from just $12 to $40. Many women firmly believe men should have to pay more than the cost of a midtown lunch special for their haircuts.

On the low-end women get haircuts two or three times a year that is significantly less than men are. As a result, it is not that clear who actually spends more on haircuts. On average, a guy goes to a hair salon or barbershop 5.84 times a year, or a little over every 8 weeks, while a woman goes 3.81 times a year, or every 13 and a half weeks. A guy spends around $22.93 per trip while a woman spends more than twice that at $54.34 per trip.

The average guy spends around $154.44 a year at hair salons/barber shops while the average woman spends $257.42. At first glance, women spend much more money than guys on their hair. However, these numbers also include the money spent on hair dying, straightening, blowouts, etc. Looking at just the money spent on scissors-to-hair, hair-on the-ground haircuts, the average guy spends $22.74 per haircut while the average woman spends $29.55. Although female haircuts are still more expensive than male haircuts, the difference is much less stark. If you factor in how often guys get haircuts (once every 2 months) versus how often women get haircuts (4 times a year), guys spend an average of $158.90 a year while women spend $104.21. Therefore, from a pure haircut standpoint, guys actually spend more on haircuts per year than girls. Of the $257.42 that women spend annually at hair salons, only 40% of that is actually going towards haircuts the remaining $154.45 is funding additional services hair coloring, straightening, blowouts, etc.the money spent on additional services for guys is closer to zero. Guys just aren’t paying for the additional services.

It is still interesting that the average guy actually spends more than the average girl on pure haircuts. The primary driver for exorbitant female haircare costs are the “additional services,” which are arguably optional. There will always be people willing to pay more for services than they are worth. When it comes to beauty, women are well known for spending huge dollars on beauty products that cost, quite literally, cents to make. Save money on your styling routine with affordable quality Kipozi products. Check us out on Facebook for insightful tips on other ways that you can take care of your hair without breaking the bank. Ask specific questions about any of your hair issues and we would be more than happy to let our experts here at Kipozi give you quality advice to help you with any hair care needs you might have.