KIPOZI Does A Full Logo Makeover

KIPOZI has been given an identity overhaul with a new logo that is classy yet approachable. When brands redesign their logos, the world takes notice because it means that something about our shared culture has changed, and it reminds us that the world is changing around us. That can be a scary thing for people, so when popular brands successfully create a great new logo, we sit up and take notice. Given, that achieving a well-designed logo requires hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. It is probably the best way of establishing brand identity, making an impact on customers and ensuring that they will remember the brand and come back time-and-again. Most logos communicate ideas, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. This is very much the case with the new KIPOZI logo.

KIPOZI had an aim to greatly simplify the organization around what they feel is an integrated enterprise agenda. All the same, some may see this as an eyebrow-raising change to its logo.  This re-brand saw the company doing away with its much-loved hot pink color scheme logo design in favor of minimal color line-work for a more unified system in its aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at the new logo to ascertain the trend and style KIPOZI hopes to demonstrate with this new look. The logo is supported by fresh and vibrant line work. The color was removed and the letter fill with in the center was redrawn and finessed as open space to show the brands openness and in order for it to render in a clean, concise way that functions at both a large and small scale. As well as looking polished, the design and reduced color palette also identifies KIPOZI's territory as a brand that offers fresh, flavor-some style.

With simple sleek curves representing simple Sleek Elegance, and its open letter design not only denoting its openness to all style and fashion but also an inner transparency to the company. The weaved interlocking loops of every letter symbolize connectedness and unity. This is designed to emphasize the brands commitment to every person looking for great care and style. It is written using an elaborate font and decorated with curved strokes, combine simplicity and effectiveness a qualities that KIPOZI customers expect from the company. Despite the simplification the new logo is deceptively challenging, with many interesting typographic design elements competing to draw the eye and as such is an excellent reflection of the brand and its ethos. 

This change has refreshed KIPOZI's visual identity. The new look is equally full of character relative to many modern logos. For KIPOZI as a style and fashion brand, it is always looking to stay trendy and hot, so change is there lifeblood. KIPOZI's aim was to preserve but enhance its design; the brand sees this change as a revolution not just an evolution. It can be seen that the more mature logo design perfectly reflects KIPOZI's progression to a respected high quality brand. In addition this subtle smartening up was at the heart of the new identity for the digital age. KIPOZI did not forget to look back in the past for inspiration. The new logo is harking back to old time out line logos. The same weight and thickness of lines found in the past "Roaring Twenties" line work was used to provide a link to the past in the new logos. KIPOZI is refining its image without turning its back on its heritage, and defining its mission statement in a new logo design.

Over all KIPOZI has created a more approachable, modern look that still contains echoes of the past. Like many other successful companies, KIPOZI will use their logo every time they communicate with their customers. As a result, clients can relate to the company and its products, which is extremely important.The KIPOZI branding project and identity redesign merits further cogitation with its own as-yet unknown shift in the brands trends, and how it looks to shock and delight. It is certain that KIPOZI's new logo will play a significant role in establishing the company’s reputation and adding to its being a reliable, reputable brand now and for years to come.