Thankful For Gorgeous Hair


Thanksgiving is a special time of the year when you gather with your loved ones and celebrate achievements you’ve had during the year. A dinner party of all shapes is what all of us are preparing for every Thanksgiving, so this year we thought we would make a list of few essential beauty tips that are simple enough to be able to do them yourself and also make you feel beautiful and confident all day. There are some of us that use the Thanksgiving holiday as a reason to wear fuss-free hairstyles and super roomy clothing (more room for food). That’s totally okay, but a hairstyle that has just a little bit more thought is ideal for Thanksgiving outings like meeting the parents, a formal holiday dinner or even a chic friendsgiving event. Because this is a day you’ll be meeting with family members you have maybe not seen for months or years, you need to look your best. So, when getting ready, besides picking out a nice look, you need to choose the right hairstyle that will complement your outfit. Here are some essential beauty tips for thanksgiving dinner.

Family formal ideas

Choose a simple, easy to do yet fashionable hairstyle that you can easily re-do just in case it gets messed up. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays, and we’re sure our parents are happy to have us around to help with the last-minute touches in the kitchen. On a busy day like Thanksgiving, you may want to settle for a hairstyle that will allow you to engage in different activities without having to get messed up. For this occasion, the ideal hairstyle is one that is practical. Try a festive low bun hair ideas for a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face while whipping  up the food in the kitchen. A fashionable ponytail will go a long way to transform your entire look. Accessorize your ponytail with metallic hair ties for a stylish touch. If you’re meeting your special someone’s parents this Thanksgiving, remember first impressions are everything. Rule of thumb: Stay true to who you are with a few upgrades. In general, you don’t want to pick out an outfit or a hairstyle that you don’t feel comfortable in. Opt for a hairstyle that isn’t overly stuffy, like a modern top knot hairstyle. Dinner for two is even more romantic during the holidays. If fine dining with your loved one on Thanksgiving is on your agenda, try a sleek hairstyle that screams fancy but not overly done.

Festive And Free Ideas

A chic dinner followed by burning some calories with a bit of laughter during karaoke sounds like a lot of fun. Consider a hairstyle that allows you to let loose and enjoy the holiday from dinner to after-party. Opt for a wavy hairstyle that could be the perfect transitional style. It works well for dinner and for when you’re in the spotlight singing Christmas carols at karaoke over dessert and drinks. Give your hair a new, fresh look by changing your hair color. If you want to give your hair a healthy glow or you simply feel the need to make a nice change for this special event, changing to a new hair color is the way to go. How you plan to style your hair for a Thanksgiving Day Parade all boils down to the weather conditions. Is it hot or cold? Rainy or snowy or, gulp, both? Make sure that you have several practical hairstyle options on-hand. Consider wearing a straight hairstyle that works well with a hat, should you need one. If it’s all clear skies, then just let your hair hang and do its own thing, and embrace your texture. While it may be the holiday season, it’s also game season! If your Thanksgiving includes stuffing your face with hot dogs and fries, sipping a cold brew while rooting for the best team to win, opt for a hairstyle that’s comfy while not sacrificing style. A half-up hairstyle is a stylish and relaxed option that effortlessly keeps your hair out of your face.

Kipozi knows that all these beauty tips will help you look your best and feel beautiful. Remember: 'A thankful heart is a happy heart!'? And, a happy heart will surely lead to natural beauty that will shine through the Holidays.