The brilliance of multiple hairstyles with one flat iron

Think the flat iron is nothing more than a one-trick pony? Think again. Everyone knows that flat irons can make your hair super sleek, but there's so much more to them than that! If you’re tired of your usual stick-straight ‘do and want to switch things up, we may have some gorgeous ways to style your tresses.You can get curls, waves as well as a wrinkle-free shirt collar all by using your favorite KIPOZI straightener.


  • One Tool Straitens All

We wouldn't dream of leaving off the most popular and common way to use a flat iron: as a straightener! All the same, If you're running out the door and realize you have a crinkle in your collar, you don't need to make yourself late ironing it out. All you need to do is turn on your flat iron and give it a quick crisp up.


  • Curls and Go

If you want loose, natural-looking curls worthy of a Charlie's Angel, switch out your curling wand for a flat iron. The only other tools you'll need are a comb and a good heat protectant spray to keep your mane healthy and soft.

Want to curl all of your hair in under ten minutes? If you have locks that are shoulder-length or shorter, using your typical curler can be tricky especially if you're looking for big, loose curls rather than tighter spirals.

Use a thin flat iron to curl even the shortest pieces without getting any of those weird bends.

Unlike a curling iron that requires you to use different barrels to get different types of curls, a flat iron's curl tightness depends on how slowly or quickly you move it downwards.

  • Cook Your Look.

For a curly style that won't quit, grab your flat iron and some sheets of tin foil.

Wrap sections of your hair around the foil, then flat iron each piece to make sure it sets. Just make sure to always use a heat protectant; you don't want to burn your hair, even if you're not putting the flat iron directly on it.

Additionally if you want your hair chalk to last longer?

After applying it to your tresses, go over your strands with your flat iron. Not only will it make the color pop, but also it will smooth out your hair cuticles and make it look like a real dye job.


  • Beachy Looks

Who doesn't love a surfer girl chic style?

Ready for a two-minute hack that will change your life?

Twist your hair into two sections, then run your flat iron down it each one to give your locks a pretty, beachy texture.

Get those easygoing, sexy waves using a flat iron all without the wind and sand of the actual beach!

You can also braid your hair, then use the flat iron to set the waves.

If you want waves but not the messy, beachy kind, try this technique instead. All you do is flat iron a section of your hair while moving it back and forth to create S-shapes all the way down.

The results: glamorous '70s-worthy waves.

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