The KIPOZI V7 is fule for your fashion, so feed your style.

The beauty industry has been on a tear for years and in the same way so is KIPOZI, and the brand is looking to continue that trend with the new KIPOZI V7 hair straightener. Because of its efficacy, the KIPOZI V7 will be the best tool for styling without damaging your hair. As a young, brand KIPOZI is supporting a surge in creativity and this has come to fruition with the KIPOZI V7. The KIPOZI V7 looks like it may disrupt the status quo in hair care. KIPOZI knows consumers, mostly women, are on a journey of exploration. They are enjoying new products and aims for the KIPOZI V7 to be one of them.

The KIPOZI V7 marries wicked good looks with wicked effectiveness and takes the intimidation factor out of styling. The KIPOZI V7 will charm you with its looks and romance you with its functionality, while elevating your mood, relaxing you, and making you feel better with wonderfully styled hair. The business of beauty continues to defy gravity and the KIPOZI V7 fits in perfectly with its lightweight design. With the new KIPOZI V7 you can get the Instant Fix, this refers to the age-old desire for instant gratification, as it is a product that allows consumers to see immediate improvement. So now, you can get dolled up in minutes, with the KIPOZI V7 30 sec quick heating. You can also get The Doll Look, which is a look that is smooth and perfect. It is about flawlessness, it has taken deep root in the hair world, and the KIPOZI V7 can provide this with ease.

The KIPOZI V7 is a tool born of customization and personalization: using data and customer input to create a product for a universe of one and all is a new form of luxury. KIPOZI makes goods for people with an active lifestyle who want clean, sustainable products. KIPOZI is consistently looking to give greater value this is done by producing products that multitask at the same time being a work of poetry, uniqueness and charm. The KIPOZI V7 crystallizes all the best in one tool to provide the hottest trends in hair-care.