Un-Naturally Hot Hair Colors To Look Into

Going from black to blue; blue to green, it is simple to change hair color these days. Do to social media, it is also simple to see celebrities your favorite influencers, and friends getting dye jobs in similar, beauteous shades.

So, when you are in the mood to brighten (and soften) things up, here is a list of the hottest non-natural colors to try right now.  

  • Pastel Pink

From cotton candy to soft, deep rose, this hue looks fantastic while at the same time enhancing your natural skin tone. Stylish, subtle, and adding a perfect touch of sophistication to any hairdo pastel pink provides the most delicate of color changes; and by dint of being a very gentle shade that’s not going to overpower your image, you’ll be left looking utterly exquisite.

  • Lilac

The color ranges from a deep grayish purple to a light foggy lavender. Another unique non-natural shade you should try, lilac hair always looks phenomenal. As part of the pastel trend, it is (perhaps expectedly) a bit ‘moodier’ in hue, equally gorgeous and mysterious.

  • Lime Green

Brighter and more vibrant than the color of an actual lime, it looks much better. Electrifying, even. The vivid hue is perfectly on-trend while still being unique enough to instantly turn heads.

  • Orange

Get excited for orange hair, one of the most dramatic colors around! Modern pastel takes on this color tend to offer a soft peach or coral look perfect for someone wanting a bit more fire in their style.

  • Teal

There is something magical about it; something that cannot be described with words. Bring ocean vibes to your look by choosing a sea-inspired teal hair dye for your tresses. It can definitely describe your bright, unique personality, and that is enough.


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